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A guilty St. Marys child molester gets 11 years for child porn (The Florida Times-Union)

James Edward Whitfield, 25, was also sentenced Tuesday by U.S. District Judge Judge Anthony Aliamo to a lifetime period of supervised release after he serves his 137-month sentence. He baby-faced a borderline sentence of 10 years because he was previously at fault of child molestation, reported to a release from U.S. Attorney Edmund Booth Junior Whitfield had pleaded at fault in April to a idiosyncratic count of possession of child pornography as part of a plea agreement in which the government unemployed charges of receipt of child pornography and transportation of child pornography. Evidence showed Whitfield controlled many pictures and 37 videos depicting child pornography. He told investigators in a committed affidavit he got the pornography over the Internet while using a peer-to-peer program titled Limewire. He became the taxable of an investigation after he took his computer to be repaired and a technician unconcealed a document file on the machine’s ambitious drive containing the pornography. Antecedent to his conviction, Whitfield told investigators he was at fault of misdemeanor in the public eye indecency for exposing himself to a insignificant on April 13, 2003. He was also hot with child molestation and seductive a child for improper purposes on Sept. 25, 2003. Both cases occurred in Houston County, reported to court documents. Whitfield had been hold without bail because he was recovered living in the 300 block of Westbound Wilbur Street in Kingsland with his pregnant, 17-year-old girlfriend, which was a violation

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Unshared Peek At Meebo’s Upcoming Community Chat (TechCrunch)

Fast messaging service Meebo has acknowledged us a demo of its future âÄúCommunity IM‚€Ě platform, which allows websites to seamlessly integrate a browser-based chat window very akin to Facebook Chat.

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