Drudge-ology 101: McCain, Obama and Media Oblique (Washington Post)

Yesterday was a emblematic new day on the Drudge Report -- the idiosyncratic most authoritative source for how the president campaign is ariled in the country.” That is entirely the fault of slow reporters like you, CC. Drudge has always been a accuratewing sleazebag, what other is new? You really should get registration backmost Your blog has inverted into a immoderate accuratewing sewer. These people should be fastened ahead they are dangerously and violently mentally afflicted Post by: Nameinferior | September 17, 2008 10:04 AM Bubba, The founding fathers were some of the champion enlightened and most sophisticated men of their time, and they looked to France for culture inspiration. They were broad-minded immoderates in their day, whether folks on the accurate want to admit that or not. Now, I take some exception to Maher’s take that the Westbound has ready-made America inferior “American”; that flew well ago the point. However, his point about the character of the founding fathers was accurate This country was supported on the principles that the champion men (it would be better, or at least more politically accurate to say people, I know) should lead, and that the voting in the public eye would look to its champion and baccurateest to provide that leadership. That was the idea down having elections. Simply put, if you want to vote for the baccurateest and most talented people in this election, you’ll vote for Obama/Biden. If you want to vote to keep the same folks who have been moving things for the ago 8 years in control despite the retiring talents of their

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