Katie Holmes faces anti-Scientology protest on B?way (The Brand-new Sabah Times)

Katie Holmes knows how to draw a crowd € including anti-Scientology demonstrators. Nearly 100 people bordered up after-school the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre Thursday night an hour before Holmes acted on Broadway for the archetypal time in a preview performance for âAll My Sons.” Not in the line: roughly 30 Scientology protesters who stood down a barricade and loudly musical “Scientology kills!” Some wore masks like in the movie “V for Vendetta,” and united poster read: “FREE KATIE.â Moments before the curtain went up, Holmes’ husband â and Hollywood’s most known Scientologist â Tom Cruise entered the theater, where he mingled and shook hands with some other theatergoers who took photos and clapped. He then hugged Dustin Hoffman, who was nonmoving a couple rows away, which drew other cheer wrong the theater. Amid the hubbub, it took awhile for people to take their seats.

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