SATURDAY Sep. 20, 2008-Joe Krozel (Recovered of the Foundation for …

Add to the Unusual Jobbiness a plethora of duals; the bottom of which, to my eyes and ears, is ASAS - 11D: Politico Hutchinson and others. When I was finished with the puzzle I scanned the grid, saw ASAS, and dared myself to figure out the clue. I was somehow completely blind to the possibility of a dual name. Was it an abbrev? A partial? The phrase I NORMAL IT is very in-the-language, but I NORMALT IT (2D: “That wasn’t a joke!”)? Not so overmuch Then there are the nearly same phrases SHIP IN (14D: Send from abroad) and CART IN (38D: Deliver by truck), which collectively ready-made me want to BASH IN (18A: Break by hitting) my computer screen out of frustration at the tedium (OK, that’s an exaggeration - I conscionable craved to work BASH IN into that sentence). ALIENEES (25D: Heirs, legally) has been added to DECOCT and REUNE on my “Unwelcome Words” list (even though I got it almost instantly, from its presence in antecedent puzzles - which also happened, more strangely, with DEHISCES: 5D: Bursts open, as legume seedpods). Two superior adjectives: ADUST (10D: Least exciting) and EXPENSIVE (48A: Setting united backmost the most) ... OK, I'm finished with the bad.Here’s what I likable The archetypal word I put in the grid, madcappily, was BETCHA (16A: “You _____!”). Why this was my archetypal instinct, I don’t know. But it gave me the "B” accurate where I necessary it to get the pleasing (letter-wise) JEB INFERIOR (1D: Recovered of the Foundation for Florida’s Future). Large clue on JEB, btw. I also really like both clue and ans

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