{Ordinal post – across the universe}

(That’s what actual lovers of this movie call it - Across the Universe).Then I poor my ankle this ago Noble and had a ton of time on my hands.ATU was accessible to watch on our On Demand cable movie channel.I thought…what the heck? I'll Conscionable watch it for a small and see what all the buzz was about.After all…I have a ton of time on my hands. Jim Sturgess immediately caught my attention with the beginning song ready on the beach.  He sang “Girl”…on the beach...with a Brittish accent…looking continuous at the camera…and spoke accurate directly to my heart.I couldn’t turn it off.I didn’t want to, either.Ok - I admit there are some antic acid-tripping parts in this movie depicting the advanced 60’s, but seriously…doesn’t that seem to acceptable in with that time period?Then…there was this scene in the bowling alley where he sang “I’ve Conscionable Seen A Face” and I inhumane equal heavy in love with all nuance of his movement. Yes…you’re accurate…I am happily joined (today is actually our Ordinal anniversary…yay!)I was given birth in 1976, so did not unfilmed to experience any part of the 60’s.  But I appreciate the insight this movie gives me into that time.I know...it is Conscionable a musical...but I can't help it…strong emotions are induced by definite parts of the movie.Lots of history equalts are brushed on and ariled in the movie.Like the Vietnam war.And the protests that went along with it.Also the feelings of the families and friends who had admired ones operational there.An

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