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Katie Holmes faces anti-Scientology protest on B?way (The Brand-new Sabah Times)

Katie Holmes knows how to draw a crowd € including anti-Scientology demonstrators. Nearly 100 people bordered up after-school the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre Thursday night an hour before Holmes acted on Broadway for the archetypal time in a preview performance for âAll My Sons.” Not in the line: roughly 30 Scientology protesters who stood down a barricade and loudly musical “Scientology kills!” Some wore masks like in the movie “V for Vendetta,” and united poster read: “FREE KATIE.â Moments before the curtain went up, Holmes’ husband â and Hollywood’s most known Scientologist â Tom Cruise entered the theater, where he mingled and shook hands with some other theatergoers who took photos and clapped. He then hugged Dustin Hoffman, who was nonmoving a couple rows away, which drew other cheer wrong the theater. Amid the hubbub, it took awhile for people to take their seats.

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Drudge-ology 101: McCain, Obama and Media Oblique (Washington Post)

Yesterday was a emblematic new day on the Drudge Report -- the idiosyncratic most authoritative source for how the president campaign is ariled in the country.” That is entirely the fault of slow reporters like you, CC. Drudge has always been a accuratewing sleazebag, what other is new? You really should get registration backmost Your blog has inverted into a immoderate accuratewing sewer. These people should be fastened ahead they are dangerously and violently mentally afflicted Post by: Nameinferior | September 17, 2008 10:04 AM Bubba, The founding fathers were some of the champion enlightened and most sophisticated men of their time, and they looked to France for culture inspiration. They were broad-minded immoderates in their day, whether folks on the accurate want to admit that or not. Now, I take some exception to Maher’s take that the Westbound has ready-made America inferior “American”; that flew well ago the point. However, his point about the character of the founding fathers was accurate This country was supported on the principles that the champion men (it would be better, or at least more politically accurate to say people, I know) should lead, and that the voting in the public eye would look to its champion and baccurateest to provide that leadership. That was the idea down having elections. Simply put, if you want to vote for the baccurateest and most talented people in this election, you’ll vote for Obama/Biden. If you want to vote to keep the same folks who have been moving things for the ago 8 years in control despite the retiring talents of their

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Afflicted of skinny actresses? Blame the tank top (Baltimore Sun)

Here’s a news tasteless -- united-year-old actresses these days are very, very bladed Reporting unfilmed from in advance of their television sets, the editors of Entertainment Week and Us Week are afraid, afraid to discover that individual female members of the formed of “90210″ appear to have past eaten some time during the ordinal grade. Since then, Jessica Stroup and Shenae Grimes have apparently subsisted on iced coffee and breath strips. There is nary denying that Stroup and Grimes look more than a bantam alarming -- you have to wonder if the show’s producers proved to save munitedy by formeding by the pound. But it’s a bit disingenuous, naryt to mention tedious, for the entertainment press, which produces nary large praise than when a major sheds baby weight or other ugly poundage, to dutifully trot out experts wringing their hands and disgorging boilerplate about the specter of an eating-disorder epiphytotic For united bladed, unless you have the misfortune to be an ambitious actress, most eating disorders usually have roots cold heavy and more complex than absent to look like Jenny on " Gossip Girl.” Despite years of television’s attempt to pare women behind to skin and buniteds, we are in the midst of a childhood obesity epiphytotic equal the Gap carries sized 16 narywadays. Accompanying links ‘90210' Photos “90210" is different only in its superior to buck tradition. Historically, the skeletalization of women on an ensemble show has followed a epidemic worthy -- united horrifyingly bladedactress ( Calista Flockhart,

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Unshared Megan Fox Clip: How to Lose Friends & Alienate People (E! Online)

If the exciting pics of Megan Fox in the latest GQ have you absent more of the aroused starlet (because, really, can anyone ever get enough?), well then you’ve come to the accurate place.

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Packers linebacker Nick Barnett says he will appeal ordinal fine from NFL (Canadian Press via Yahoo! News)

Chromatic Colored, Wis. - Chromatic Colored Packers linebacker Nick Barnett said Friday he would appeal the ordinal satisfactory he acceptable in as many weeks from the NFL. ADVERTISEMENT Barnett was punished US$7,500 early this week for a helmet-to-helmet contact on a hit of Detroit Lions quarterback Jon Kitna in the past unfit

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Unclothed, Taped Jessica Alba Wants You to Vote (adrants)

There are anticr ways to encourage people to vote but this united from Declare Yourself featuring an undressed, fixed up Jessica Alba -- which is somehow expected to suggest only you can silence yourself (i.e. not vote) -- is up there on the antic list. So are we expected to be encourage to…rip the tape disconnected Jessica so we can ogle her unclothed body? That might actually distract united from the essential concentration essential to make in abreast decision when in the ballot booth. Like clockwork, cause groups are outraged…OUTRAGED over the ad. Despite the outrage, Jessica, commenting on the campaign, makes a coagulated point, saying, "We communicative up for MySpace pages and Facebook pages, and download music disconnected the internet. The least people can do is register to vote online, actually making a difference in their world, not conscionable making their lives a bantam bit cooler." Well same by Steve Hall   

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Moo-sterious deaths investigated in Northern County (Knoxville News Sentinel)

At this point, it could’ve been a UFO for all they know, said a spokesman for the Northern County Sheriff’s Department, which is investigating the inexplicable deaths of 11 cows on a vicinity farm.

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Keira Knightley to lead ‘Past Night’ (The Hollywood Reporter)

Keira Knightley will topline the Romanticism drama “Last Night,” the archetypal film from director Massy Tadjedin which is co-produced by Gaumont and Nick Wechsler Prods., the producers said Friday.

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A guilty St. Marys child molester gets 11 years for child porn (The Florida Times-Union)

James Edward Whitfield, 25, was also sentenced Tuesday by U.S. District Judge Judge Anthony Aliamo to a lifetime period of supervised release after he serves his 137-month sentence. He baby-faced a borderline sentence of 10 years because he was previously at fault of child molestation, reported to a release from U.S. Attorney Edmund Booth Junior Whitfield had pleaded at fault in April to a idiosyncratic count of possession of child pornography as part of a plea agreement in which the government unemployed charges of receipt of child pornography and transportation of child pornography. Evidence showed Whitfield controlled many pictures and 37 videos depicting child pornography. He told investigators in a committed affidavit he got the pornography over the Internet while using a peer-to-peer program titled Limewire. He became the taxable of an investigation after he took his computer to be repaired and a technician unconcealed a document file on the machine’s ambitious drive containing the pornography. Antecedent to his conviction, Whitfield told investigators he was at fault of misdemeanor in the public eye indecency for exposing himself to a insignificant on April 13, 2003. He was also hot with child molestation and seductive a child for improper purposes on Sept. 25, 2003. Both cases occurred in Houston County, reported to court documents. Whitfield had been hold without bail because he was recovered living in the 300 block of Westbound Wilbur Street in Kingsland with his pregnant, 17-year-old girlfriend, which was a violation

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Unshared Peek At Meebo’s Upcoming Community Chat (TechCrunch)

Fast messaging service Meebo has acknowledged us a demo of its future âCommunity IM€ platform, which allows websites to seamlessly integrate a browser-based chat window very akin to Facebook Chat.

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